What is the 9 Campaign?

This summer, we’re encouraging our supporters to join us by making a commitment to the 9 campaign!

The 9 campaign is about partnering with the Welkom Project to achieve sustainable change in the lives of SE Asian women in Belgium. We are grateful for partners who are with us for the long haul to bring about transformation in the lives of individuals and communities. However, we often experience decreased engagement during the summer months from supporters and volunteers. This is where you come in.

The 9 campaign allows you to give a small amount monthly towards The Welkom Project so we can continue to work with Thai women in Belgium. Only 9€ a month can help us make a difference in the lives of women who have experienced intimate partner violence and exploitation. Throughout the summer months, our work doesn’t stop! We are continuing to assist women who are in situations of violence or who have exited exploitation and need help establishing a new life and community.

Here are 9 facts about the Welkom Project that you may not know:

  1. The project depends on a team of volunteers and interns who work both directly with beneficiaries and in our office

  2. We visit 24 erotic massage parlors in the Brussels area on a regular basis, distributing educational materials on safety in relationships and allowing the women to discuss any difficulties they face with our trained staff and volunteers

  3. We are partnered with a cafe in Antwerp that trains women to become baristas

  4. Around 80% of the women we assist are experiencing or have been through a situation of intimate partner violence

  5. Our projects are funded almost completely through the generous donations of individuals and faith communities

  6. Many of the women we work with feel unable to access social services or legal assistance on their own, so we spend a lot of time accompanying women to appointments and providing translation and emotional support

  7. We drive around Belgium in a big blue car that can also be found in Beringen in the summer with the Buurtbar!

  8. Our project works mainly with Thai women, but we have also assisted women from the Philippines and Indonesia

  9. If you ask any staff member or volunteer what their favorite part of working with the Welkom Project is, they will likely say “getting to know women over amazing Thai food!”

You can help us keep the Welkom Project running by partnering with us through the 9 campaign!

Join the 9 Campaign